los mejores temas para blackberry storm coleccion impresionante

La colección de temas gratuitos para la BlackBerry Storm más grande que jamás hayas visto, todo en un mismo lugar. Damo99, usuario de los foros de CrackBerry ha creado esta megacolección de temas para la BlackBerry Storm, todos si no me equivoco los ha sacado del propio foro de CrackBerry. Por supuesto hay para todos los gustos y colores así que te puedes estar chequeando temas media vida.

Aspectos a tener en cuenta para la descarga de los temas, MUY IMPORTANTE.

  • Si no sabes instalar temas o no lo has hecho nunca, te recomiendo que te leas el tutorial de cómo hacerlo antes de pinchar en ningún enlace. Haz click aquí para ver el tutorial.
  • Como he dicho anteriormente todos los temas han sido extraídos de los foros de CrackBerry con lo que en la mayoría de ellos será necesario que estés debidamente registrado para poder tener acceso a los links de descarga o para ver ciertas imágenes. Para registrarse sólo tienes que hacer click aquí.
  • Puedes acceder a los enlaces vía tu PC para descargarte los temas por archivo comprimido ZIP pero tienes que tener en cuenta que no todos los temas están disponibles vía OTA y ZIP, algunos tienen ambos recursos para poder descargarlos, otros solamente tienen descarga OTA y otros sólo tienen descarga ZIP.
  • Es recomendable que utilices el navegador de tu BlackBerry para ir probando los enlaces que exponemos más abajo, te será más fácil si ves un tema que te gusta descargarlo directamente a tu dispositivo.
  • Recordamos que la dirección de este blog adaptado a dispositivos móviles para una mejor lectura de los enlaces es la siguiente... http://lablackberry.mofuse.mobi

Listado de temas gratuitos

Descarga vía OTA:

Crystal Clear
5 and 10 Icon Bold Replica
Working on theme with no icons on screen..
Bbos Theme - Ota
Glass Smoke Special Ed. -Now Available-
Free Blue 2 Red ProBerry Theme (Storm)
Free: Default Dual Hidden Dock Today Plus Weatherbug Edition
Glass - Lime/Pink/Green Now Available!
Free: "Old School" 8XXX Verizon Default Zen
ChRoMe IcOnS W/ Matching 3rd Party App Icons!!!- FREE
Two Calendar Today themes. One w/ weatherbug!
BlackBerry Pro v2 - Finally done! *FREE*
"Silvercircle" BETA (Storm Theme)
CDark_Final (this one is cleaner....and more functional)
First Theme - MyOwn v1
>> e n s o <<>
iChrome Revolution
Jinx FREE Edition
Famous Stars and Straps Theme CUSTOM FREE
New Theme .... Never Leave your home screen ... access to 22 icons ... weatherbug
BoldStorm by TunedFish
NEW - 10 Icon Glow Theme - Multiple Versions - OTA
Non-Hidden Today With Large Font
10 Icon Sliding Top Dock
SIDEDOCK HIDDEN TODAY LEOPARD ... weatherbug edition ... FREE
NEW Glass Theme - FREE
Free DoubleDockers!!! 95xx - Top + Bottom dock + Today! Clean and professional!
:: Luxery Red :: Wjd Designs ::
Blue Rhythm by Philster9
Leather Optionz - MASSIVE COLOR SET - Leather Today theme by Natemz
Ambiance, a Calligraphy-derived theme by Philster9
]Caligraphy, by Philster9
New!! ... Top Scroll Hidden Today ... Weatherbug
hidden today, leopard ... weatherbug edition
hidden circle dock theme
It's Finally Here... BluBerry
Centripetal - Red Today Theme - FREE OTA
My first theme "LeatherLook"...
first theme (Zen/Today)
Default Zen with Red them and leather-FREE
New Zen with Sliding Dock
BlackBerry Pro - Free clean and professional theme *OTA*
Theme: Message-centric today carbon fiber
Colored Default Zen - 5 Free Themes OTA
Today Plus! and Today Crossbar!
Android By E - Storm Edition
Free Iberry Wood Theme!
Storm X | Z Man Designs
Custom_Dark Theme (This one is really neat..and functional!)
Theme ... Zen Zei Red
Way Bold Theme (Animated) - 95xx Storm Theme
SmoothAqua - The newest free theme.
Ring an Rise DarkBlack my 2nd theme -free OTA
Onyx (bedside) Theme
IRing-Bounce-BlackWood-clean 1st theme
'Going Green' Theme
Bouncing dock Icons, No Borders, Clean Look


Gant .... Hidden today ... Hidden double side dock .... Weatherbug ... BETA
Gant, Hidden Today, Sidedock, Weatherbug, Blue Theme ... Got to see it
Gnome Black 95xx - Powered By E
Ubuntu Storm - ECruz Edition
Ubuntu GNOME Theme by Ende
Free! Grunge Theme OTA! Super v1.0 Must see!
Hank Buuf Style Hidden Dock...
Clean Functional Storm 95XX themes...
BuufStylee v1.2
Animated Lock "University of Maryland Theme" & "ProfessionalGrung"
Must Try Weatherbug Edition ProfesionalGrunge
Blackberry Storm 95XX Theme: Palestine
***New Theme "BerryGoodTimes"***
95xx:Grungy Gant
IRingRevolution - Storm

Clones del iPhone

Abeo (Simple and Clean - 2 Versions Hidden Dock and More)
Theme: eyephone
Here's an Iphone theme.. only one problem.
Free iBerry Slide Theme - Sliding Dock Attemt
My First Theme!!!
iBerry Black Neon Storm (4.7 OS) ota
Free Theme! BlueGreen/Today/with Names.
Free iBerry Bottom Dock Theme - BlackBerry Storm 95xx - GemBlock
New theme: todayAnnMe
FREE: iPhrack Realized
iBerry black Neon KNOCK-OFF Theme
/Free//iBerry Black 3G Stripe Storm (4.7 OS) ota only

Simuladores sistemas operativos

Forge Theme! Coming Soon...
iVistaBerryToday DoubleDock_9500_OS 4.7
My First Theme | KDE 4.2
Free Theme ** Smooth Green
WinBerry 7 - Hidden Circle Dock
AppleBerry - You're gonna want to check this out.
**FREE** Vista Slide
[NEW!] GreenAppleBerry
- Apple Simple - Zain Malik
BB Seven Touch in progress
Linux Remix
zei vistaberry
TangoColors - Blackberry Storm
bSeven Ultimate
bVista Today Zen - FREE
My first theme...OS X-esque
dos - home bounce + today calender
New theme for Photoshop or simple style lovers (freee)


- Dark Knight - The Jokers Revenge
Free Superman/Kryptonite Theme w/today plus & fully skinned
Supergirl Theme
- Green Envy - Superman Edition
- Black Glass - Superman Edition
95xx Storm : Spiderman v1 Done
Dark Knight


Killzone 2 Theme
Call Of Duty 4 Theme
Halo Berry : 95xx Storm
Zelda NES Theme!!!!
Coming Soon ... Warcraft Storm Theme
DragonBallZ : Vegeta edition - 95xx Storm
My First Theme {Hitman Pro W/Today}
Street fighter theme with OTA final!
Wii Channels Theme
Pipboy 3000 : 95xx Storm
Zelda Theme
Mario Theme by DoubleSpaded
Gears of War Theme, with custom icons
Fallout 3 theme FREE
SBerry360 (XBox360 theme)


Golf Masters Theme!
MLB Blackberry Storm theme: NY Mets
Los Angeles Dodgers Theme
LSU Theme
Dallas Cowboys Storm Theme
San Diego Chargers Theme
Must have theme for true Major League Baseball fans!
Custom Boston Redsox Theme
[b][/b]Bada$$ Ultimate Fighting Theme!!
NY Yankees theme: 95xx by TL
USC Trojan Theme-FREE-OTA
Oakland Raiders Theme
Clean Functional Storm 95XX themes...
Montreal Canadiens Storm Theme
NY Mets Today+ Theme. Free!!!!!!! WOO HOO!
Stealers Theme
Philadelphia Eagles Theme


GUCCI Leather King
BPHAT Zen theme
RoxyBerry : 95xx Storm
Dooney & Bourke Theme
Coach Theme
Juicy Couture Theme!
GUCCI Amethyst Storm collection
Tiffany & Co. Bottom Zen Theme
LV Custom Today Themes
Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton Storm Theme
LouisV 95xx: Beta available OTA
BurBerry & Blackberry Theme by DoubleSpaded


Army ACU theme - Free OTA link
Air Force Theme
[Sniper] Animated Theme (Today & Zen)


KILL BILL Volume 1 Blackberry Storm Theme
Dream Theater-Black Clouds..Silver Linings Theme
FireFighter v1 : 95xx Storm
Sex & The City Black Glam Zen Theme - Free w/Ringtone
Miss Piggy Blackberry Storm Theme
** Storm Halen: Van Halen Theme - OTA **
ADULT THEME... NSFW... For my horny buddies out there....
Theme: The Office
Theme: Metallica
storm theme - Megan Fox
*New Rush Limbaugh Theme*
- Barack Obama Theme -
Army ACU theme - Free OTA link

Ciencia-ficción/ Fantasía

Twilight (2) Storm Theme
SpaceTech Free Storm Theme (WB Edition w/ hidden today and buttons!!)
Battlestar Galactica....Here...Now...Get It.
Matrix Theme
Boba Fett Theme
Twilight Storm Bottom Dock
╔╝v2.0╚╗ Crisp and Clean Monster Theme
**OTA** Crisp and Clean Monster Theme (with a surprise!)
Theme: Back To The Future
Serenity Theme: W/ Scrolling & Semi-Modified Icons
LCARS Theme Collaboration Proposal
[CTU Console]: Theme
Nightmare Before Christmas
saw theme for storm
Skull Theme v1.0 Beta Free OTA
Gothikka - Hidden Today Dbl Bottom Dock
Futurist - 9500 Custom Hidden Today
Alienware Theme...


Chevy Theme
Harley Davidson StormTheme
red Precision Zen
harley davidson theme
Cadillac Theme

Hay que registrarse, pero es gratuito...

transportation theme
NEW Wood_Wide Hidden Bottom Dock AWESOME!!!!!
Amtique theme
transformers theme cleaned up
Awesome Storm Theme Check It Out!!!!
RedBoom MAX
PinkBoom MAX
GreenBoom MAX


Barbie Storm Theme
Fafi Blackberry Storm Theme
Rock n' Roll forever: A theme for the 95xx Storm
Purple Peace-free!!
Easter Peeps Storm Theme
toki doki
Grecian Myth
Disney Easter Storm Theme
First ever theme - Smile
FREE ** Introducing "Cartoonista" ** Fully Skinned!
Kidrobot Theme
Disney Friends Blackberry Storm
Disney Cars Storm Theme
All the Single Ladies (Pink Theme) Any interest?
Valentine's Day Storm
Blackberry Storm 95XX Theme: Palestine
95xx Storm : ToonLand v1
95xx:No Parking (Sliding Garage Door Reveals Homescreen)
Hello Kitty Blackberry Storm Theme
Hello Kitty Pink Hidden Today
My St. Patricks Day Theme
A quick doodling theme
Love and Life theme
My first theme ... Carbon_Casual ... FREE


Free Scenery Theme
New Lava Lamp Red Theme - Storm
NEW Wood_Wide Hidden Bottom Dock AWESOME!!!!!
[Brushed Steel] Theme
New theme: Heavy Blue v1.0 (free ota)
Art Gallery v1 : 95xx Storm
WastingAway in BerryVille Tropical Animated Theme
YOU need a Tropical Island "Get - A - Way" Relaxing Animation
For The Love of Words - Wordy - Free
Berry Tropical Animated Home Screen "Comming Soon"
**Tropical Theme**
95xx Storm : Paint Drops v1
- Black Glass -
Today Earth Theme
Milk Theme
New Theme - Viewscape (Functional) Today
New theme: Heavy Blue v1.0 (free ota)
Bottom Scroller Today Theme (Free)
Pro Today theme
Free OTA red & black "Darkness" Theme
MetroBerry - free theme
Liquid Theme by me...and FREE!!
Mystic Forest - Calendar Double Bottom Dock
Firestorm for free
Free - Space Today Plus & Today Plus L
Theme: Black Ice

Descargas ZIP

Dirty Blue Metal Theme
New Black Zen theme. Try it out.
NEW!!!! Subaru Sti Today Theme
PlayStation 3 theme
Dale Earnhardt Jr
Jeep Theme
New Black Zen theme. Try it out.
*High Skies Theme..You Gotta check this out!!
Dave Matthews Theme 1.0
Precision Zen 10 icon Hidden Today WB
My 1st Theme
Dave Matthews Theme 1.0
WIP* Florida Gators theme
Jeep Theme
sharing my street fighter blackberry storm theme
Introducing The Running Board- Clean weatherbug/hidden today theme!!
new theme CopperBerry
Simple BIOSHOCK (game) Theme...
Kidrobot Theme
My First Theme for OS 4.7
!!!!!!Simple Carbon Theme!!!!
Mac Makeup theme!
Super Mario Brothers 3 Theme
Kaws/ice Cream/bathing Ape Theme..free!!!!!!
Hello-Kitty Theme for all that requested one.
ADULT THEME... NSFW... For my horny buddies out there....
Gucci Storm Theme
Berry Tropical Animated Home Screen "Comming Soon"
WIP* Florida Gators theme
**Star Wars Theme**
My first theme "LeatherLook"...
The Sims Theme!!! Now Available!
Basic Storm Ring Theme
House M.D. by Philster9
MacinStorm Theme for 95xx
Chocolate Basic Theme
Must Try Weatherbug Edition ProfesionalGrunge
Simple clean Today and Today L Themes
Free&clean Storm "BlackBerryBase"-Today-Theme incl. DL-Link
Black-N-Silver Scroll theme (first theme)
Black Smiley Theme-First theme
"Animated Lock Clock Screen" New Theme Buuf'n
Free Alabama Theme
My First Military Theme
Default Zen with Red them and leather-FREE
New Theme: University of Georgia
Dark Litho Theme - FREE!!!
NEW Theme ... Blue Star Theme ... Free [B][/B]
West Virginia Mountaineers Theme
Theme: BlueScape - 95xx Storm (Available Now)
My First Theme, a Chelsea one.
Nightmare Before Christmas
New Theme: Yankees Theme
Pink City Punk Rock Theme
LCARS Theme Collaboration Proposal
My Megaman Theme
***New Theme "BerryGoodTimes"***
[CTU Console]: Theme
Hello-Kitty Theme for all that requested one.
Storm Theme Continuum v1.0
Today Earth Theme
My first theme ... Carbon_Casual ... FREE
red Precision Zen
Milk Theme
New theme: LED's
Freshblue Today Theme! @ non Today
Today Plus (Sidebar) Edition.
95xx: Pinkish Bottom Zen
Fresh White Theme .5
gray theme
Theme: Message-centric today carbon fiber
Default Zen with Today Theme
new theme: marijuana lolz
Halo 3...First Theme
95xx:Pinkish Today Plus Stock...FREE
BLUE SKULL first try...
My New Blueberry Theme!!!
Multiple Free Themes -- BerryMax. U Gotta check it out !!!
1st Timer - Buff Zen Theme

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